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Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy

Lake in the Hills office only

Sauna Therapy -

Sauna Therapy -


Single sessions or packages available

Book online or call 847-658-6004

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Our wish is for everyone
to have a sauna for daily detox
and health enhancement.
Consider adding one
to your home.

Reviews from a few
sauna lovers ...
"The infrared sauna is amazing, wonderful & so therapeutic!
I highly recommend that
everyone spend some time
detoxing, reducing systemic inflammation,
and getting warm!" M.M.

"I had my first session of the
infrared sauna, and absolutely
loved it.
What a great way to detox.
Awesome! Soooo RELAXING!" P.K.

" I shared a 30 min Infrared Sauna with my daughter on Saturday.
We did the multi-color session.
It felt great.
Sweat was pouring the last 10 min. Probably will do the 40 min
next to really get the good
sweat out. We also did a glass of water with the
Dandelion Root drops.
Very invigorating and relaxing too. Just what I needed for Mother's Day!" C.S.

New to our office?
Book a
Discovery Consultation
to determine if our
services are a good fit
for your health issues

Sauna Therapy -