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Answers to some frequently asked questions 

Do you bill insurance?
We no longer bill personal health insurance but, upon request, we will provide "superbills" for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. We may accept work comp injury patients on a case by case basis. Payment is due at time of service. 

Will my insurance will cover your services?
To know what benefits you have, check your insurance policy handbook, call your insurance company, or ask the Human Resources office at your employer. 

How much does a treatment cost?
We use established medical billing codes just like any other medical office, based on which procedures we do and how much time we spend doing them. Because this is determined based on your presentation at the time of treatment, upfront we can only give estimates. Typically, a first visit will range from $140-$170 and follow-up visits from $70-$122.50. For a more complete treatment and quicker recovery, many patients will also be prescribed herbal formulas and/or supplements, which are not included in the above pricing. 

How often do I need to be treated?
For most health issues, we treat every 3-4 days in the beginning of the course of treatment. We are working to rebalance and support the body's energy systems to encourage true healing to take place. Even though acupuncture treatments very often help to alleviate pain rather quickly in many instances, we continue toward complete resolution of the issue so the problem doesn't return. When we see that your issue is improving and you are able to go longer between treatments, we start to spread them out with more days between treatments.
For women with menstrual issues, we usually treat weekly according to each phase of the menstrual cycle.

How many treatments will I need?
Each person heals at their own pace. Some factors that can influence speed of healing include: how long the issue has been going on (usually the longer it has been going on, the longer it takes to reverse, but not always), age, other co-existing health factors, stress, lifestyle, current medications, and adherence to our treatment plan and recommendations.

How long will I need to come for treatment?
Each person's healing is individual and influenced by the current level of health and lifestyle factors. Issues that are not very complex and are easily resolved are often treated for just a few weeks. Most issues we treat, though, result from an imbalance that is complex or has been going on for a while and, therefore, can take weeks to months for complete resolution. In many cases, we are relying on the creation of new energy patterns, corrected blood flow, and the growth of new cells and tissues for complete resolution of the issue. We can give you a general idea regarding your issue at the first visit and then again later, according to the healing pattern we observe in you. As the treatments continue, you will also become aware of your own unique healing pace.

My fertility doctor told me to get acupuncture during my IVF or IUI treatments. Do you treat this?
While it has been proven that acupuncture helps IVF treatments to be 40% more effective, we no longer treat patients while they are pursuing Western medicine fertility treatments. The stark contrast between Eastern and Western medicine in technique and goals doesn't mesh with our treatment philosophy. For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has had wonderful success treating fertility issues. We do treat infertility patients from this wholly natural medicine perspective and, because a large part of the infertility a couple is experiencing involves male health, we prefer to treat both the woman as well as the man, in order to fully address the underlying cause. Many infertility issues are caused by years of improper diet, lifestyle, and especially stress, which can result in hormonal imbalance and interfere with proper functioning of the body's systems. These issues do not necessarily show up on Western medicine lab tests. Rebalancing how the body works is crucial to fertility health. We welcome any couple wishing to correct a fertility issue, either before pursuing Western fertility treatments or after having experienced lack of success with those treatments, but not concurrently.

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