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Performed by Dr. Miguel Bautista at the Lake in the Hills office only.

Neuro-Acupuncture is a specialized acupuncture technique that combines western knowledge of neurophysiology and neuroscience with Traditional Chinese Medicine for the recovery of neurological functions.
Neuro-Acupuncture has been proven to be a most effective technique for treating acute and chronic central nervous system disorders, including Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Paralysis, PTSD, Paresthesia, Restless Leg Syndrome, Phantom Pain, Complex Regional Pain, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Dizziness, Vertigo, Balance issues, Tremors, Aphasia, Facial Paralysis, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc.

Dr. Miguel is one of the first Level III graduates of the Neuro-Acupuncture Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He learned directly from Drs. Jason and Linda Hao, the pioneers of Neuro-Acupuncture in the United States. Dr. Miguel also graduated as an MD from the Universidad de Guadalajara medical school in Mexico, giving him the ability to combine medical knowledge from both schools of thought to perform and deliver powerful and effective treatments, helping to greatly improve his patients' recovery and health.

"It is a great pleasure to see the smiles on my patients' faces when their hope for recovery returns." 
Dr Miguel B.

Neuroacupuncture treatment consists of the insertion of needles at various points in the scalp, which stimulate the underlying functional areas (motor, sensory, speech, etc) of the brain to improve and restore normal function of the body and favoring the neuroplasticity of the brain cells (the ability of the brain to heal itself) to obtain the desired recovery.
Neuro-Acupuncture is a very safe treatment. Sometimes we only need to use a few needles and very often we start to see results in just a few sessions.

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